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I am a FULL TIME BEAVER LAKE ARKANSAS STRIPER AND WALLEYE FISHING GUIDE and a contributor to In-Fisherman television and magazine. I am conviently located at Rocky Branch on scenic Beaver Lake Arkansas in the heart of TROPHY STRIPER FISHING country. I am a Beaver Lake Striper Guide native to the area and have been striper fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas for over 40 years. I have proudly served on the board of directors for the N.W.A.S.A (Northwest Arkansas Striper Association), I also work closely with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and other Beaver Lake Arkansas Striper fishing guides in order to provide you the best opportunity at a true trophy Striper. My Beaver Lake Striper Guide boats have landed numerous Beaver Lake Striper in the 20 to 40lb range and a some Beaver Lake Striper topping 50lbs. A few Beaver Lake Striper in the 50lb range are caught annually, we have a Beaver Lake lake Arkansas state record striper topping 64lbs so it is easy to see why Beaver Lake Arkansas is considered a......




My primary mission as a Beaver Lake Arkansas #1 Striper Fishing Guide is to provide my anglers with the best opportunity they can possibly find anywhere inland on a striper guide trip at a TRUE TROPHY Striper and to improve the Striper Fishery at Beaver Lake.

I do this in several ways:

A: Being a Striper Fishing Guide on Beaver Lake I know that Live shad is the top producer when you are Striper Fishing Beaver Lake Arkansas, so I provide the freshest, best baits I can find. Gizzard shad that are 10-14 inches in length will produce the best when you take a striper guide trip on Beaver Lake Arkansas. However there are times when on a Beaver Lake Striper Guide trip that striper can scatter and it can be tough to present live bait when you really need to cover water and this case we use artificial in conjunction with down-riggers and other advanced techniques to present lures on youre guided striper trip according to what the conditions warrant and the striper key on. And all striper fishing anglers even the die hard live bait fisherman know that when Beaver Lake Striper are on a top water bite nothing produces fish like the right artificial. As a Guide I make some lures that are not available on the commercial market which in certain situations can be the hottest thing going. I provide them only to my anglers on my striper guided trips in order to keep the “secret lure” secret.

B: Being on Beaver Lake Arkansas so many days a year as a Beaver Lake Striper Guide gives me a unique perspective on the eco-system as a whole. A beaver Lake Striper fishery with an average Beaver Lake Striper exceeding 20lbs is my long-term goal. Right now the average Beaver Lake Striper we catch is 16-20lbs. However we catch a lot of striper over 30 lbs and some striper near 50lbs every year. Granted a 20lb Striper is nothing to be ashamed of, but I and other striper fishing guides think a larger average Beaver Lake Striper is attainable with out putting undo stress on the eco-system. After all I am a multi-species fisherman myself arranging guided trips for anglers including hybrid/wipers, white bass, walleye, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, white and black crappie, bream, 3 species of catfish, carp yes carp and even gar. And would not want to see harm done to any of them.

C: Also in order to attain my goal for a superb Beaver Lake Striper Fishing experience as a Beaver Lake Striper Guide I am a member of the Northwest Arkansas Striper Association and have proudly serve on the Board of Directors for the Striper Association working closely with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, the everyday striper fishing enthusiast, and other Beaver Lake Striper Fishing Guides. We work hard to insure that striper stocking programs and striper fishing regulations on Beaver Lake are in the best interest of all involved. Especially yours. Since we in the Beaver Lake area recognize the economic impact your striper fishing dollars have on our community.

D: Last but not least I always keep the future of Beaver Lake Striper Fishing in mind trying to get the next generation involved. They really are the future of Beaver Lake Striper Fishing. My own children enjoy being on Beaver Lake Striper Fishing but more important is the time I get to spend with them. And being involved in programs like your local “Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs” program allows us the privilege of making a difference in the lives of so many especially those who may not get to go fishing and don't even know if they like it or not. You never know if you'll be fishing with a future Congressman or the next President of the United States. So take a kid fishing and make a difference in our wonderful country where we have the freedom of taking freedom for granted. Being a Veteran I know all to well that the future of our beautiful country is in our hands. God Bless America!




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